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Seminars, Workshops, Privates
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Please contact Sifu if you are interested in any of the following learning opportunities or services, or call (856) 625-3130

Do you own or operate a fitness facility?

Are you looking to sponsor a self defense course for your club or organzation?

Are you an activities or health/fitness coordinator in a coporate environment looking for a self defense instructor?

Sifu Bryant offers the following list of learning options, at the sponsor/student’s location. Whether it is a business institution with a fitness facility, a stand-alone fitness center or spa, or any individual, or group that has a private facility.


1. Private Instruction.

2. Two To Four Day Ving Tsun Intensives.

3. Eight Week Self Defense Courses.

(please call for further details/pricing and to make arrangements)


Serious inquiries only please.


Ving Tsun is an excellent Self Defense Art
Find Your Center, Learn Ving Tsun

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