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The Essence of Combat

The Essence of Combat
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Private instruction available,

Please call or e-mail for details.

Taught by Aikido Black Belt, Ving Tsun Sifu

& Scientific Fighting Congress member, Bryant K. Feld

 (856) 625 - 3130 -


Scientific Fighting Congress - Force Necessary Unarmed Combatives (CQC)  - Private instruction. The PAC/CQC curriculum combines the best techniques and tactics of both eastern and western fighting methods. This course consist of 10 levels, each level is taught in ten one hour sessions, cost of instruction is $100.00 per hour of instruction paid in advance.The curriculum consist of strikes, kicks, cranks, invading entries, takedowns, throws in standing, kneeling and ground combat scenarios, with and against empty hands, or modern weapons like sticks, knives and guns. All supported by skill developing drills. This is perhaps like a college course of fighting. The first three levels are designed to be the basic self defense crash course. You can train simply for knowledge or for certification.


Pacific Archipelago Combatives (PAC) consists of: Mano Mano/Silat/Kenpo/Jujitsu and more from the many Pacific Islands flowing systems of kicking, hand striking, trapping, grappling/ground fighting. Hand versus hand, and empty hand vs. weapons.

Stick & Knife Combat


"Think of all the great systems of the Pacific and the best things inside them! Karate from Japan. Silat from Indonesia. Arnis/Kali/Escrima from the Philippines. Hawaii's conversion of Kenpo/Kempo. Kajukenbo. Warlike tactics of the Polynesian peoples who explored and settled so much of the Pacific. The Ring of Fire! This region's history of military conflicts. Each one is better than the other in different ways. It has always been this bigger Pacific collective of hand, stick and knife material that I have loved. Never just one system. Hybrid practitioners-free thinking experts from several systems-simply produce the best fighters. The very foundation of this course is based upon that principle, to produce that type of free, hybrid warrior. "

-"Hock" Hochheim founder of the Scientific Fighting Congress


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